I ran across this Thomas Merton quote, “The things that we love tell us what we are.” As soon as I heard these words, I knew them to be true. In the last few months, I’ve paid attention to what I adore and what is falling to the periphery. Living with the things I love means standing in the light, the glimmer so powerful, I lose my footing and hurl toward the goodness. For a few seconds, minutes or hours, I don’t question or contemplate, I am present, crawling into the space of where I feel at home.

Intersecting with Merton’s words reminded me of one of my other favorite quotes, Annie Dillard’s “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” To acknowledge what I love in this space is a fitting tribute to Merton and Dillard’s poignant truths. Here is what I love:

I pay attention to the sky every single day. It is my guide, a compass to knowing that life isn’t about what is happening to me, but acknowledging the collective.

My walks or runs are a meditation I cannot do without. These are chances to reminisce about my father (who loved walking every single day) and to admire the beauty of the natural world. Watching a crocus come to full bloom, the depth of the clouds and my steps hitting the pavement are all pursuits I love. It reminds me that I cannot (we cannot) take our limbs and breath for granted.

I adore sinking into a good book. It is a satisfying feeling, knowing words can make you feel less alone.

The older I become, the less noise I crave. Silence is sometimes the only noise I can bear.

I love spending time with my family. I love watching movies with my husband and daughter, gathering around the kitchen table for ice cream, playing with my nephew or snuggling with my not-so-little girl – all these interactions push me to stillness.

Routine is a big part of my life. Making our bed, listening to the coffee drip into a favorite mug, a good-morning kiss for both my husband and daughter is part of my everyday.

Writing. This includes all forms. Whether I am composing a blog post, drafting an essay or working on a longer project, I find a sense of a joy every single time my words unravel in the right way.

Oh, how I adore watching my daughter play tennis. It thrills me to witness her move her feet and swing the racket so hard that the ball sails over the net in a perfect arc. The misses are just as important. Imperfection inhabits its own beauty too.

Love, love bullet journaling. My pages aren’t complicated. I’ve found what works for me.

My work with The Sunlight Press. I enjoy promoting the work of others and love collaborating with my co-founder and co-editor, Beth.

The smile or the brief hello from the stranger who is running or walking the same time as you.

The smell of the desert after a rain.

The sounds of a song that takes you back to your past.

An afternoon nap.

An impromptu meeting with friends.

Photographing the world around me.

Having the privilege of spending time here. With you.