Classes & Education

Rudri teaches several courses via Writers.com. For those writers who want to organize their thoughts for their professional and personal life, she teaches a bullet journaling session throughout the year.

Her class “Writing Our Grief: How to Channel Loss into Creative Expression,” focuses on how to students can mine their feelings of loss and try to capture them on the page. Through the course of eight weeks, this course will push students to tackle death, loss, grief in the space of a personal essay. Students will receive feedback on writing exercises and each week there will be a Zoom session covering assigned materials. There is an opportunity to meet one-on-one with Rudri.

The other class Rudri teaches is “Write Your World: Express Your Creativity through Article Writing, Blogging, and Essays.” In this six-week course, students will learn how to distinguish between article writing, blogging and essays. The course focuses on effectively pitching and writing an article, how to pen a blog, and how to craft a personal essay. Students will get a chance to discuss materials once a week via Zoom and also have one-on-one time with Rudri.


I spent half the time that I attended Rudri Bhatt Patel’s “Writing Our Grief” class in the home of a dying, beloved family member. I took a leave from work, but made every effort to attend her classes and write the assigned essays because it was a solace to be with Rudri and the other class members. We had all experienced deep grief. Rudri’s teaching style is warm, personal, informed, generous, and comprehensive. She wants her students to have a safe place to dig into their grief and to give written voice to it, to learn the craft of writing about grief with an eye for publication. She challenged us to experiment with new forms, and set the tone for a supportive class partnership. I highly recommend this class.

– Dianne King

Rudri’s combination of compassion and solid tangible technique furthered my continuing development as a writer. If you want to take an MFA level class with an instructor who cares enough to guide you kindly but sure-footedly to the edges of your comfort zones—then this class is for you. You will come out on the other side a much improved writer.

– Christina Cavallaro

I took this class to try and shake myself out of a creative and emotional paralysis. Not only it worked, but I was offered spaces I did not even know I needed to inhabit. Rudri is a terrific teacher, unusually generous with her time, critiques, and all-around support. Her classes are structured but not rigid, with assignments geared to generate pieces of increased complexity. She pushes students to give what she senses they are capable of, in a way that, in the case of my classmates, often generated exceptional results. And once the work is done, Rudri is tremendously encouraging to get to the next step: spread the love and submit for publication. I am grateful for all this class gifted me,  and most definitely recommend it.

– Barbara Morocini

Rudri is kind so she reads with her heart as well as her head. As well as providing editorial expertise, she reads with empathy. I found this mattered more than I thought it would. I am so thankful for this course and everything I learned in class and from the community of other writers within the class. 

- Sarah Harley

Rudri’s class on writing about grief was everything I didn’t know that I needed. She creates a safe, supportive space for everyone to share some of the more difficult parts of their life, and it was such a healing experience for me. The class topics are great, and Rudri does a wonderful job of assigning relevant writing on each one that really adds to the class. Her ability to empathize with others while also sharing small details of her own grief work was incredibly helpful. Her critiques were the best part of the experience, so thoughtful, encouraging and insightful. I’ve taken writing classes in the past where it feels like the teacher is just rushing through critiques and not really considering the work, but Rudri took her time and put a ton of effort into all of the critiques. I cannot recommend working with Rudri enough, she is one of the best writing teachers that I have ever had.

- Leena Trivedi-Grenier