About Me


Once upon a time I might tell you I was a writer, a lawyer or both. Sometimes I believe I will return to the legal world, donning my black suit and carrying my briefcase. Most days I adore writing in my cozy office – exploring how sitting in traffic, walking around my neighborhood, sipping a cup of coffee and hanging out with family are life’s ultimate precious moments.

Do you appreciate grace and gratitude in the ordinary? I didn’t . . . until one life-altering event. In March 2009, I lost my father after his four-year secret battle with cancer. Five months later, my mother moved in with our family, I left my life as a lawyer and we relocated to Arizona after living in Texas all my life.

I am Rudri Bhatt Patel. I am a wife, a mother of an only, a runner, a reader and an INTJ. For eight years, I practiced bankruptcy law after earning a Masters Degree in English from the University of Texas at Dallas and a law degree from Southern Methodist University.

My mantra is to negotiate the pendulum between joy and sorrow and to seek contentment – I find my way by writing about this dicey terrain and learning to try to live with uncertainty. I am currently working on a memoir about the Hindu culture and grief and how it provides perspective on life’s ordinary graces.

I am grateful you are here. I invite you to appreciate the ordinary with me. I hope my daily practice of seeing magic in the mundane helps you celebrate and find more of these moments in your life too. I welcome your comments and hope you keep reading.

You can contact me at rudrip@gmail.com.

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