Here is a listing of my on-line and print work:


From embarrassment to celebration: Acceptance of a bicultural identity during Diwali, November 2016
What Anna and Elsa Taught Me About My Fear of Missing Out, March 2016
Why This Diwali-Observing Hindu Family Also Celebrates Christmas, December 2015
What a Selfie Taught Me About Culture, Freedom and Confidence, October 2015


This Diwali, I am reassessing my faith in Hinduism and what I want to teach my daughter about religion, December 2018


The Five Stages of Becoming, August 2019


Houston Gave Me Permission to Be Indian in Public, September 2017


I Invite the Whole Class to My Kid’s Birthday Party, February 2016
The Mother of the House, January 2015


A Phoenix Urban Garden Provides At-Risk Individuals a Path Forward, January 2019
An Indigenous Community Deepens its Agricultural Roots in Tucson’s San Xavier Farm, April 2019


The Immigration Issue No One Is Talking About, January 2018
Can the States Protect Us From Being Trumped?, July 2017
Trump Has Broken Every Presidential Norm. But Has He Done Anything Illegal?, June 2017


10 Restaurants and Bars for Taco Tuesdays in Arizona, June 2018


The Importance of Athletics in Academic Life, November 2016


Embracing Diwali as an Indian-American, December 2018


Explaining Dementia to Your Children, September 2018
Are You Your Parent’s Keeper: Interview with Jody Gastfriend, August 2018
Caregiving from a Distance: Learning to Make the Best of It, July 2018
Caregiver Burnout: Identifying the Symptoms to Help Cope, June 2018
Creating a Legacy That Endures: Grandparents Connecting with Grandchildren, May 2018
How I Balanced Motherhood and Being My Father’s Hospice Caregiver, March 2018
How An Elder Care Attorney Can Prepare Families For The Future, March 2018


On Embracing Uncertainty, January 2017
More Than a Simple Message, January 2017
Sinking Into What Sustains Us, January 2017
On Perspective, January 2017


Grieving Without a Grave, January 2017


Searching for What Glimmers, October 2016
Uncertainty Leads to Unexpected Surprises, September 2014
Gratitude is Not Unreachable, September 2014
Standing Alone and Finding Your Tribe, September 2014
A Name Carries Everything, September 2014
Eating With Your Hands, August 2014
Do You Remember How to Laugh?, August 2014
Not an Ordinary Thread, August 2014
Beyond the Changing Seasons, July 2014
The Thread That Remains, July 2014
Escaping the Safety of Routine, July 2014
A Widow’s Life, July 2014
Summer Slowdown, June 2014
Finding Refuge in Books, June 2014
Rediscovering Poetry, May 2014
A Principle That Endures, May 2014
How Luck Matters, May 2014
The Significance of a Morning Walk, April 2014
A History of Letters, April 2014
Spring in the Desert, April 2014
A Deep Belief in Tolerance, April 2014
Small Steps Toward Calm, April 2014
Taking Refuge in Breath, April 2014
Living With Abandon, March 2014
When Silence is Enough, March 2014
The Colors of Heritage, March 2014
An Abundance of Inspiration, March 2014
The Space Where God Lives, February 2014
Am I Really a Hindu?, February 2014
The Holiness of Routine, February 2014
Uncomplicated Grace, February 2014
Geography Makes a Difference, January 2014
This Ordinary Life, January 2014
The Poetry of the Earth, January 2014
Landing In India, December 2013
The Uncertainty of Everything Else, December 2013
Why Fear Is Necessary, December 2013
Pushing the Button, November 2013
Clasping My Hands, November 2013
What the Sari Uncovers, October 2013
Love Before Marriage, October 2013
Choosing Between Love and Family, October 2013
The Lull of the Hammock,October 2013
Henna of Hope, September 2013
Swimming Between Life and Death, September 2013
The Veins of Yesterday, September 2013
Remembering When, September 2013
The Essence of the Ordinary, August 2013


Trusting What I Cannot See, August 2014
Meditation Does Not Belong on a To-Do List, August 2014
The Danger in Keeping All of Your Thoughts, July 2014
Everyone Has a Story, July 2014
On Finding Wonder as an Adult, July 2014
6 Parenting Lessons I Learned From a Father Dying in Hospice, July 2014


What Is Diwali? How One Indian-American Family Celebrates, November 2016


5 Ways Our Pets Connect a Community, October 2016
5 Ways a Little Free Library Builds Community, June 2016
5 Ways the Outdoors Helps Connect a Neighborhood, June 2016
How Eating Local Benefits You and Your Community, May 2016
4 Ways a Lemonade Stand Offers Lessons on Community, May 2016


Writerly Roundup, September 2018
Writerly Roundup, August 2018
Writerly Roundup, July 2018
Writerly Roundup, June 2018
Writerly Roundup, May 2018
Writerly Roundup, January 2018
Writerly Roundup, December 2017
Writerly Roundup, August 2017
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A Conversation with Priscilla Warner, January 2017
A Conversation with Rachel M. Harper, September 2016


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Sol Mexican Cocina in Scottsdale: Happy Hour Report Card, March 2017
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Scottsdale’s LAMP Wood Oven Pizzeria: The Full Italian Experience, January 2017
The Art of Drinking Chai: Here’s Where to Get a Cup of the Authentic Indian Tea in Metro Phoenix, January 2017
Isabella’s Kitchen in Scottsdale: Happy Hour Report Card, January 2017
Decanter Winery: Happy Hour Report Card, December 2016
6 Indian Sweets to Try at Pastries -N- Chaat in Scottsdale, December 2016
Modern Margarita Serves Edgy Margaritas and Nontraditional Tacos, November 2016
Kwality Ice Cream in Phoenix Sells East Indian Ice Cream, November 2016
Au-Authm Kitchen Brings Fry Bread and Red Chili Beef to West Phoenix, November 2016
PINO Brings A Piece of Europe to North Scottsdale Suburbia, October 2016
Om Bistro in North Phoenix Offers Authentic Indian Street Food, September 2016


Conversation with Rudri Bhatt Patel, September 2018


On Quiet and Eating Alone, September 2014


Rethinking New Year’s resolutions: Divide your goals into three sessions, January 2017
Parents night out:10 December date ideas around the Valley, December 2016
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She Taught Me Stillness, March 2015


Minimalist Lit Mag Digs Into Deep Themes, December 2015
Variety of Literary Treasures in Lit Mag’s Sustenance Issue, June 2015
The Power and Poverty of Critique Groups, February 2015


The Roar in Solitude, April 2016


Why Just One Child is Enough for Me, April 2015


Losing a Father and Birthing a Daughter, May 2015


5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Morning Before School, September 2014
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5 Lessons About Writing and Life From Elizabeth Gilbert, May 2015


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