Editing Services

Developmental editing for your essays, reported pieces, and manuscripts

Wondering if your work is ready for publication? Rudri has experience with both sides of the process and loves working with clients to help shape their work. Rudri will help revise your essay or reported piece so it is ready for editors. She will also provide a developmental edit for your manuscript.

What happens during a session


Rudri will read your work and provide a line-by-line edit, as well as a summary on strengths and opportunities in your piece. She will read your prose and comment on tone, voice, prose, narrative arc, transitions, etc.


Rudri will help you construct your pitch, reach out to the correct sources, read and comment on your article, and tackle revisions. Each session will include a 60-minute Zoom meeting. Rudri also works with clients on manuscripts and nonfiction book proposals.


Rudri will work with you on a developmental edit of your manuscript. During one-on-one Zoom sessions, Rudri will help revise your manuscript so it is in the best shape for agents. 

Rudri’s critique will help you shape your writing style and create the best work for an editor’s eyes.


I am beyond grateful I had Rudri’s help when beginning my career as a freelance writer. Rudri helped me develop and send pitches, and ultimately write some of my first articles and essays. I have found success I do not believe would ever have been possible without her help. Rudri is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and she delivers it all to her clients in a professional, kind and respectful way. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop their writing.

– Jennifer Rizzo

Rudri’s expert editing came just at the right time in my writing process. Her careful insights and her spot-on observations helped me craft an effective essay and land a spot in a prestigious juried workshop. Rudri fully entered into the possibility of my piece and helped me realize that possibility. Rudri’s feedback – from overarching developmental editing to precise line editing – was invaluable.

– Linda Tate

Rudri is the editor and teacher everyone wishes they would discover. Her warm engaging style meets spot-on feedback has done more for me in 6 weeks than I can begin to describe. Rudri’s approach to giving feedback is supportive in a way that both inspires and lifts while being grounded in solid practical suggestions to help elevate your work. 

– Christina Cavallaro

Rudri’s knowledge and skills related to professional writing have also helped me with my own writing career many times in the past.

– Julie Vick

I recommend Rudri Bhatt Patel without reservation. She is knowledgeable, articulate and experienced in all things writing and publishing. Her kindness as well as her professionalism and expertise make working with her a delight.

– Susan Pohlman

It’s such a joy to work with Rudri! She has an exquisite sensitivity along with keen insights into how to best tell the story. She knows how to guide you right to the heart of what matters in a piece. She is a remarkable talent.

– Tara Ellison