Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. – John Milton 

On Monday evening, my eyes darted toward the sky. I noticed the clouds formed what appeared to be mountains. With snowy peaks in the horizon I envisioned a different world from the desert. This image of the clouds lingered with me for a few days. I grabbed  my phone and gazed at it again, outlining the mountains with my fingers.

I reflected on all the moments I miss or take for granted. It is clear from my writing in this space, I often struggle with uncertainty and all of the things that are not. This thinking usually spirals into laying somewhere in the past or sprinting in the future. For myself (I urge all of you to try to this exercise), I decided to compose a list of all the things I know at this moment. There are everyday epiphanies. You just have to notice and acknowledge.

1) I know that there is unconditional love. I receive it everyday from my daughter, from kisses, hugs to random “I love you’s.” I feel it in her every move.

2) I know that time can heal. When you are in a crisis, you magnify every negative emotion your are feeling at that moment, but once time passes, the hurt may linger, but you can approach it in a more rational and cognitive way.

3) I know that my meditation is running. Without my weekly runs, I falter. There is a soothing connection between nature, the ability to run, and the sound of breath.

4) I know that sometimes it is permissible to surrender to lousy feelings. You must lean into the process (as painful as that is) to evolve. It is part of life.

5) I know that friends can come  into your life for a particular purpose. Sometimes you have to let them go. Accept the friendship as much as the letting go. People move on.

6) I know that when you can’t travel, reading a book can transport you to places and times you never know existed. A book can provide solace, entertainment, and conversation.

7) I know that time is finite. If you can, spend as much time loving the ones you want and living the life you envision for yourself.


What would be on your list? Please let me know.