Beautiful Voice



Please click on the link Beautiful Voice. I’ve watched this video a few times. At the end of every viewing, my face is filled with tears. It is worth the watch. It will make you think about the capacity of the human spirit and what it can do when it is tested or when the odds suggest that it will be difficult to make it through the next minute or hour of the same day.

It will make you appreciate what you have at this very minute.

Watch this video. Each one of us possesses an instrument within. Some of us know what that maybe, but are too afraid to exercise it. Others are still searching. But we all have a singular passion. And for this young man, it saved his life. Spend eight minutes today and watch this video.

And think about it. Are you doing what you are passionate about? And if not, what is stopping you?

* A special thanks to Trish D. for forwarding this video to me.