What did I see? Only a few blankets draped over our dining chairs. What did my daughter feel? Happiness in its purest form. Last week my husband created a makeshift tent in our living room. He placed a brown throw over four chairs. On the ground, he created a soft cushion, layering blankets on top of each other. As soon as my daughter saw it,  she said “It’s a tent, Daddy. Can we sleep in it?” So for two nights, my husband and my daughter made shadow puppets with flashlights, watched Toy Story 3, and told stories underneath this indoor tent. I heard her giggle bubble over at various times during the evening.

Her happiness emanated with an intensity I could touch. And it wasn’t complicated. It made me think of my own happiness.  As adults we overcomplicate happiness, thinking it resides in chasing, doing, or achieving something, convincing ourselves that we will be happier if we do or get ___________. You can fill in your own blank. I think we forget that simplicity garners and offers the most happiness. After witnessing my daughter’s joy, I decided to compose my own list of happiness. And I learned, that really, the essence of happiness resides in pockets of simplicity.

Drinking my Starbucks Chai Latte and eating a blueberry scone.

Hearing from an old friend.

Reading and writing. And reading about writing. Talking about writing. Blogging.

Running early in the morning with my favorite running buddy, Kerry.

Playing Words with Friends on my iphone.

Getting together with my book club people or my writing group. They are the best.

Late night Sonic stops with my husband. Try a cherry limeade. Don’t skip the mozarella sticks.

Receiving a card, letter or thank you note. I love going to the mailbox anticipating what may be waiting for me.

Balancing our checkbook.

Midafternoon phone call to my sister.

Cuddling with my daughter. Hearing her laugh.

Reminiscing about my Dad with my Mom.

Listening to music and singing in my car.

Falling asleep while watching a movie.

Date nights with my husband.

Ice cream sundaes.


What simple happiness moments are on your list? Please share them. I’d love to hear them.


Image by crdotx