I remember waking up on Sunday mornings while my parents slept and I watched the Smurfs. I especially liked Papa Smurf.

I remember eating my first kala-khatta gola (Indian version of snow cone) on the corner of a populated street in Jamnagar, India.

I remember getting my eyebrows threaded for the first time at age twelve in India.

I remember walking in the front door after school. On the table was my after-school snack, a baked potato with lots of cheddar cheese and jalepenos.

I remember wearing Debbie Gibson vests and dancing to the New Kids on the Block with my sister in our living room. I can still hear us singing, “You Got It, The Right Stuff.”

I remember eating Collin Street Bakery fruit cake with my Mom, Dad and Sister while Hindi songs played on the boom box.

I remember my friend Scott performing the Heimlich Maneuver on me in high school English class because I was choking on a Gobstopper.

I remember the English teacher who told me I would go to hell because I practiced Hinduism. I will never forget that moment.

I remember my first kiss. It was with with my then boyfriend, now husband.

I remember eating baguettes, cheese, and French pastries in the countryside of France with my husband during our honeymoon.

I remember sitting with my husband on a park bench, overlooking a pond and talking for hours about nothing in particular.

I remember when I interlaced my fingers with my sister and we simultaneously pushed the button to cremate my Father.

I remember listening to my daughter read for the first time.

***This post was done as part of a writing exercise hosted by Christine, Lindsey, Denise & Sarah. Thanks for the inspiration ladies.


What do you remember? Memorialize it. You’ll be surprised at what stands out.