Today marks eight years since I’ve written in this space. When I began writing here, much of my life carried the texture of transition. In 2009, I lost my father, we moved from Texas to Arizona, my mother moved in with us and I stopped practicing law. I needed a place to separate the individual threads and to process complicated and rocky terrain.

This space morphed into a companion, a loyal friend who I could trust to accept my emotions. Through the years, I’ve divulged how I’ve processed grief and my struggle to seek contentment amid my own restlessness about the details of my life. Writing here encourages me to pay attention – to look at the sky and admire the sunrises and sunsets, to sink into a moment of unabashed laughter, to understand the practice of cultivating awareness as a way to show gratitude.

The last few months I’ve been relatively quiet and haven’t written regularly as I hoped. My focus is dedicated to The Sunlight Press, developing a freelance career, and penning my manuscript. The truth is I haven’t made it a priority to share my thoughts in this space. In the last year, the landscape of blogging has changed. Several writer friends have decided to send out newsletters instead of writing in an appointed space, have given up blogging altogether or post sporadically. Over the last few weeks, I’ve also struggled with how I want to approach my space and whether it might be time to let the blog blend into the periphery. I know several writers who don’t write on a dedicated blog, but are still successful at their craft. At the same time, other writers maintain a blog and are also creative in other spaces, in print media and online in local and national markets. The artistic world makes room for those who want to consistently create and continue to hone their craft.

Making room for everyone is an empowering concept, especially in a world that is fraught with competition and messages that we aren’t good enough. I enjoying embracing the freedom writing in this space offers. Because I decided to write in this space years ago, I’ve gained the confidence to call myself a writer. I’ve shed my lawyer title. That doesn’t mean my insecurity dissolves. I realize that some might view writing as a cute hobby and others have made statements like, “It is nice that your husband lets you write.” This kind of noise is always going to exist. But one truth transcends – this is my space and I have the distinct privilege of calling it my own.

That is why I will likely continue. I haven’t decided how often and when yet, but I can’t abandon the space that has offered a place to pay attention, to grieve, to honor joy, and to write about the moments that have pushed me to reflect.

Thank you to all my readers who have followed me here and read my writing in other places. I appreciate those who have supported The Sunlight Press and who have cheered on my other writerly pursuits. I am indeed grateful. And a special thank you to my husband and daughter who encourage and support my writing every single day. Even on the days I may want to give up.