This summer proved more hectic that I anticipated. I haven’t written in this space as much I intended. I hope to ease into writing again more regularly by focusing on a currently post. This is what is happening in my world, right now:

What I Am Listening To: I am still listening to piano solos on Pandora. There is a comfort in listening to music without words and occasionally I enjoy writing with classical musical in the background. The tunes on auto repeat: Glorious by Macklemore featuring Skylar Grey and No Promises by Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato. Some of the podcasts that have captured my attention: The Tim Ferris Show, #CNF with Brendan O’Meara and Ear Hustle.

What I Am Watching: I’ve watched several movies over the summer. My favorite is a recent movie, Wind River, starring Jeremy Renner. We’ve also caught the recent Cincinnati Masters and look forward to watching U.S. Open tennis. I am eagerly anticipating the premieres of How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal and The Affair.

What I Am Reading: I am reading Rachel Khong’s Goodbye, Vitamin, Diksha Basu’s The Windfall, Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad, and Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status Obsessed World by Mitch Prinstein.

What I Am Capturing: The sky is dazzling the desert with its sunsets. I am paying attention to the universal, taking comfort with what I know to be true. In the midst of difficulty, there is so much beauty in the world, if we choose to pay attention.

What I Am Loving: My Instant Pot. Lazy Sundays. Silence. Family.

What’s currently going on in your world?