I do this meme from time to time and I thought it might be fun to revisit it again. This is what is happening in my world, right now:

What I Am Listening To: I am listening to piano solos on Pandora. There is a comfort in listening to music without words and occasionally I enjoy writing with classical musical in the background. I’ve gravitated toward pop songs lately and here are two of my favorites –  Issues by Julia Michaels and Halsey’s Now or Never. I am still listening to podcasts and books on Audible. Yesterday I downloaded Theft by Finding by David Sedaris.

What I Am WatchingWe are watching House of Cards. I am ambivalent about this season. My least favorite character on the show is Tom Yates and every scene seems to feature him in some capacity. It is a fun time for sports. We follow coverage of The French Open and the NBA Finals. This week we plan to catch a showing of Wonder Woman.

What I Am Reading: I am reading Nina Rigg’s The Bright Hour, Somerset Maugham’s A Razor’s Edge, and The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy. My reading also includes submissions to The Sunlight Press.

What I Am Capturing: I am still looking at the sky. It captivates and enchants. This week I captured the trees against the backdrop of the pink and purple sky. There is so much beauty in the world, if we choose to pay attention.

What I Am Loving: Watching my daughter play tennis. Cherry limeades from Sonic. Homemade desserts. Unscripted moments. Silence. Writing time.

What’s currently going on in your world?