I do this meme from time to time and I thought it might be fun to revisit it again. This is what is happening in my world, right now:

What I Am Listening To: I am listening to a variety of tunes. I love Alessia Cara’s, “Here” and “River of Tears,” and especially love the line, “I realize that sometimes love brings you flowers. Then it builds you coffins.” I am listening to Coldplay, Florence and the Machine and Tori Amos’s latest. Right now, I run with Rihanna’s Anti playing in the background.

What I Am Watching:  September was filled with tennis watching, especially the U.S. Open. The latest movie I watched  and enjoyed was “Money Monster,” with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. It didn’t do well with critics, but it kept me interested. I always watch CBS Sunday Morning – in fact, it is one of my favorite programs on television. Quirky stories with heart and interesting insights are the main focus and it’s introduced new people and places in my landscape. I know several people swear by “Stranger Things,” but I haven’t checked it out yet.

What I Am Reading: I always have a pile of books on my office floor, nightstand and I keep a few in my car, in case of unexpected wait times. I am reading Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth, Amy Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams. All three are such fabulous reads.

What I Am Capturing: The temperatures are finally cooling in the desert and this weather is conducive to evening walks and morning runs. It also means watching my daughter play tennis. This past weekend I was fortunate to enjoy a mini-getaway this for my birthday and loved waking up to the desert view of palm trees, mountains and a serene landscape.

What I Am Loving: I enjoyed spending most of September hanging out with my mom (who is visiting) and quiet time with my family. I’m listening to the quiet and attempting to sink into the present. I am consciously saying no and protecting my time to avoid chasing fruitless endeavors – right now, I am more aware of the passage of time and actively concentrating my efforts to not squander it.

What’s currently going on in your world?