I do this meme from time to time and I thought it might be fun to revisit it again. This is what is happening in my world, right now:

What I Am Listening To: I am listening to a variety of tunes. I love Justin Timberlake’s newest song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” It is my idea of a perfect summer song. Beyonce’s Lemonade is an awesome album and it’s my current go-to music while I am running. Other songs I adore right now, Drake’s “One Dance,” Pink’s “Just Like Fire,” and “This is What You Came For,” a collaboration with Calvin Harris and Rihanna.

What I Am Watching: It’s NBA Finals and that means basketball is playing nonstop at our house. Both my husband and daughter love basketball. They sit together and comment on particular plays and rewind certain shots so that they can fawn over the “swooshes.” There aren’t any television series I am following currently and I am actively cutting down the noise in my life, which includes limiting my time in front of the tube. I do look forward to watching Homeland and The Affair – these shows return in January.

What I Am Reading: I always have a pile of books on my office floor, nightstand and I keep a few in my car, in case of unexpected wait times. I am reading Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler, The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman, Lab Girl by Hope Jahren and Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.

What I Am Capturing: Although summer isn’t officially here, it’s arrived in the desert. We faced triple digit temperatures last week, ranging from 105 to 117. There aren’t many benefits of this heat, but we’ve witnessed glorious sunsets. My daughter is familiar with my tendency to pull over while I am driving to snap a photograph. I love that my daughter also has taken an interest in photography  and is asking, “Momma, did you see that flower? I want to take a picture of it.” I adore that she is paying attention too.

What I Am Loving: I love relaxing at home, having dinner with my family and reading together. My daughter is currently enrolled in a Harry Potter camp and she’s full of exuberance when she returns. She’s discovering new friends and learning the traits she enjoys in relationships. I returned home to Dallas last month and enjoyed spending time with my family and having dinner with a friend who I’ve known since kindergarten. A good friend sent me a gift in the mail – I love unexpected fun surprises.

What is happening in your world currently?