I do this meme from time to time and I thought it might be fun to revisit it again. This is what is happening in my world, right now:

What I Am Listening To: I am listening to a book on CD called We Are Not Ourselves by Mathew Thomas. This isn’t my preferred way to devour a book, but I am experimenting – so far the voice of the narrator is compelling and comforting. At this moment, I am tuned into my Pandora station and am enjoying Coldplay, Sia, Beyonce and Yo-Yo Ma.

What I Am Thinking About: In a few days, my daughter will officially turn 9 1/2. This half-birthday is bittersweet as she sprints toward double-digits. I hold on to her little girl moments, but I witness glimpses of her marching toward adolescence. Early July will also mark our 6th year in the desert and I’m adjusting and acknowledging my evolving definition of home.

A few articles on the web caught my attention this week and I love Alexandra Butler’s piece in the New York Times, Experts on Aging, Dying as They Lived, chronicling how her parents talked about death and preparing for it while they lived. Butler lost both her parents in her twenties, but she firmly advocates, “To the small extent that we have any choice in this uncertain life, it is wise to face your own death. In a world where so many of our fellow human beings live with threats of terror and destruction, if you are lucky enough to imagine you might have any measure of control over how you die, that is a privilege that should not go to waste.”

I also loved The Procrastination Doom Loop – and How to Break It, a piece recirculating on The Atlantic. If “later” is a part of your vocabulary, I suggest you read this piece to understand how to tackle your to-do list now.

What I Am Watching: We love tennis this time of year and in the last week watched some spectacular matches. My daughter loves to play and follows her favorite, Serena Williams, during tournament season. We are also watching World Cup soccer and are eagerly anticipating the USA vs. Japan match on Sunday. There isn’t a particular TV series on my radar right now, but I am waiting for the return of Scandal, Downton Abbey, Homeland and The House of Cards in the upcoming season.

What I Am Bummed Out About: In the last few weeks, vulnerability is a subject dominating my thoughts. I am learning, sometimes the hard way, about shedding and sharing truth in the wrong circles. However, I know my places of struggle are the moments which become a teaching lesson. It means, though, wading through disappointment and starting over again. For more thoughts on this subject, I recommend listening to Krista Tippett’s On Being podcast with Brene Brown.

What I Am Loving: I absolutely adore taking pictures of nature and filtering some of these shots on Instagram. Loving ordinary days, filled with checkers, tennis and coloring, My local writing group is a source of joy and support. During our hot summer days, my family enjoys love Mochi ice cream, a Japanese confection filled with ice cream and layered with a rice flour shell. It is so refreshing and unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. For those who want to try it, Trader Joe’s carries it in their frozen section.

What is happening in your world right now?