For many years, I depended on planned moments to shape my personal happiness. If I graduated with so and so degree, I will be happy. If I attained this salary or acquired a certain something, it may lead to a fulfilling life. More often, my happiest moments comes in unexpected bursts. These everyday delights creates my personal arc of feeling content and joyful. Once a month I will share some of my everyday delights. Here is what’s caught my attention this month:



This paperweight. Given to me by one of my closest and dearest friends. It occupies a space on my desk and when I see it I not only love the quote, but think of the friendship we share. 


This moment. I watched my daughter and mother paint. They both sat side by side with such peace and contentment. I love watching interactions between my past and present meet. The bond that my mother shares with my daughter often brings me to tears. 



This book. Its premise and prose has captured my interest. One of my favorite everyday delights is to read. There is such satisfaction in turning the page of a good book and wondering what will happen next.




This quote. It hangs on my wall. When I am stuck, I look up and it serves as an important reminder.