On these last days of 2013, little reflections stumbled onto my pathway. Yesterday I held a newborn baby and although a clamor of noise surrounded us, I watched as he slept. In those few minutes, I smiled and felt the goodness of fresh starts. This morning my daughter greeted me with those very familiar words, “I love you, Momma. And you know what? I love you as big as the sky. The sky is endless, Momma.” Those words offered  instant joy and I felt the goodness of love. My mom is in town and today for lunch she cooked a homemade Indian meal. The smell of paratha filled the crevices of our house as the dal simmered on the stove. As soon as I ate one bite it felt like coming home again. The goodness of a meal made by mom is something that is not replicable anyplace else.

None of these pebbles that intersected on my path were extraordinary. They were just random moments where I really sank into the present and absorbed the totality of what it could offer. These brief specks of glitter pushed me to reflect on this past year. I juxtaposed instances where I felt disappointed, sad, confused, angry, and frustrated with various parts of my life. I failed to react well to certain situations. I contemplated too much about what others thought of me. There were instances  I stared at the mirror, or paused in the middle of a run, or whispered in quiet moments, the words, “I don’t think I am enough.” Although I acknowledged that these feelings were transient and temporary, I dismissed the many good moments that I experienced in and around these flickers of self-defeat.

What I have learned is that none of us have the perfect life.  It may appear that way on Facebook or in a photograph, but we are all climbing over something. We are tripping, falling, crying, worrying and getting up again.  In between this imperfect life, though, there are specks of glitter. They usually won’t happen when we are expecting them. Most of the time they occur in our everyday life. There is a catch. You have to pay attention. If you are willing to wake up and really listen to the goodness of the world and your personal world. Most of the time you do not have to extend your arms. These moments will land in your lap.

So in my last post of 2013, I want to focus on the word, endless. I’ve felt endless love, hope, encouragement, and faith from my family, my friends and my readers.

Thank you and Happy New Year. May the word endless mean something in your lives too.