So much of my life seems to focus on the words, “in the process.”  Everyday I stumble, working through yet another uncertain terrain. Surrounded by ambiguity, I reflect on what I know for certain. As always, what emerges startles, but also solidifies the perpetual themes that continue to streak across my personal horizon.

What I know for certain is that later is a dangerous word. Later is a slide into regrets. As much as I trip on later, I try to walk in the now.

What I know for certain is that my daughter’s innocent love is the closest I will come to unconditional love. As adults, we have too too many expectations. A child’s natural instinct is to love without consequence. They will offer love if you are willing to accept it.

What I know for certain is that how someone treats a waitress, bank teller, car wash attendant reveals far more than how they handle the people who are close to them. Kindness is a trait that should be a habit. Treat all that cross your path with kindness, because as Socrates eloquently points out, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” 

What I know for certain is popularity is transient. There are only a few people who will have the privilege to know, understand, and get you. Be content in those relationships.

What I know for certain is most of life is about letting go. Letting go of ego. Letting go of the expected. Letting go of people.

What I know for certain is that what you perceive about people is only a fraction of the truth. What you think is that person’s truth maybe a complete lie. Do not pretend you are the expert on someone else’s life.

What I know for certain is that I am unimpressed with material possessions. It is easy to get caught in the spiral of wanting the next big thing. Ask yourself, “Is that possession going to offer you enduring fulfillment?” In the same vain, I like nice things, but I give little thought to what kind of car you drive, how much square feet is in your home, and how much money you make.

What I know for certain is that I miss my father. In quiet moments. In loud moments. In my world, you cannot say enough “I love you’s.”

What I know for certain is that experiencing a crisis will forever change your outlook on your life. And that it makes you very conscious of time passing, beginning and endings.

What I know for certain is that you are never to old to bask in wonder. Find it. Relish it. Because that is the whole point.

What I know for certain is that is that there is power beyond me.

What I know for certain is that once you lose a parent, a part of you is always is hanging on, while the other part of you is careful not to fall.

What I know for certain is that I do not believe in hypotheticals. I never say never anymore. As much as you think you know how you will react to situation, you will never know until you are IN it.