Where I come from originates from my mother, sister, and daughter.

My mom is unassuming and quiet. When she laughs, it is memorable. She always encourages me to look for the best in others, especially when I find it difficult. She’s taught me the importance of adjusting to less and the power a homemade meal can carry.

With my sister, there is an ease that feels natural. She knows and gets me. I’ve learned through her to laugh a little more, to not reach the worst conclusion, and to realize that imperfection is enough. She’s my connection to a past that only we both know.

My little girl, for the last seven years, has offered me so much unconditional love. Her ability to forgive, to laugh with abandon, and her constant wonder about the world helps me strive to become a better person.

These are the ladies in my life. This is where I come from.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.