I’ve described my constant battle of restlessness. My tendency is to keep moving and conjure tasks that require immediate attention. As much as I hate to confess this, my mind and body rarely feel the envelope of true stillness. A large part of my problem is my constant need to check my iPhone or to depend on some form of technology, whether it is the computer, television, or radio. Silence is something I crave, but I take no efforts in really carving that path for myself. What I do realize that this need to be dependent on technology is interfering with my need to achieve a more still  and noise-free life. Somehow there needs to be balance between the happiness that I derive from technology and the negative aspects of it.

Why the compelling need to rely on the virtual or technological world? I think the answer is complex. Part of it is this desire to remain connected to my family and friends. I enjoy the barrage of text messages from my friends or the occasional text message from my mom. I do believe that technology  does contribute to my overall sense of happiness. The other more complicated side is that it also inhibits me from fully paying attention. I know that a key ingredient in being present is to fully immerse yourself in the moment as it is happening. You are unable to succeed in achieving this kind of stillness if you are constantly on your phone or listening to the radio or turning channels on the television.

In the last few weeks, I’ve asked myself, “Am I afraid of silence?” I am not certain of the answer. There are parts of me that love solitude – reading a book, dining in a restaurant alone, or sitting on a chair admiring the sunset. What I’ve noticed is the way I practice solitude is not pure because most of the time my phone is very close by. It is true that I could prevent myself from reaching down and grabbing my phone, but honestly, I don’t possess that kind of self-discipline.

Relying on the virtual and technological world is preventing me from ever really achieving a meditative state. It is hindering me from enjoying moments with my daughter and husband, as well obtaining a sense of true relaxation or stillness. Here is where I need your advice. Do you find yourself being caught in the spiral of technology ? Any advice on how to divorce yourself from your phone and constant noise? Do you see a connection between unplugging, stillness and a more meditative state?


Image by katielips via flickr creative commons