“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.” — Rumi

My daughter and I were driving to school on Friday morning. As we turned the corner, Phillip Phillips song, Home, blared from the radio. In an off-tune chorus, we sang the melody as we swayed back and forth in our seats. I glanced at my daughter’s smile in my rearview mirror and the glimmer in her eye as she belted out some of the wrong words.

A single moment.  This piece of us was such a miniscule part of our history of moments, but it really made an impression on me. Filling up with the words, “Hold on to me as we go. As we roll down this unfamiliar road” I paused. My eyes watered up because I sensed so much genuine happiness and love from my daughter in this small slice of time. I thought,  “Isn’t this what we are looking for?” A love we can feel and that comes unrehearsed in the most unexpected way.

It is wholly in these experiences that our existence is the most fulfilling. I wonder how many of these pieces I’ve missed in my life because I wasn’t paying attention or focused on something completely irrelevant. Do we honor these random and mundane pieces in our lives? For the first time, I felt the power of being completely present in a moment. As we raised our voices we sang the line, “Just know you are not alone because I am going to make this place your home.” And a single tear fell from my eyes, I finally realized home is where you feel the most loved. You just have to realize it in the different pieces in your life.

Remember this dear daughter and this song and this piece of our lives. It is where love is.