During my childhood,birthdays were a reason to celebrate at my house. There was one ritual that always occurred. We bought a cake, gathered around our worn cherry dining table and sang “Happy Birthday” in our best choir voices. We took turns feeding the birthday star.

Today that celebration is only a memory. It is my father’s birthday today. I find myself not knowing what to do or how to honor his birthday. Do I revisit past celebrations? Or do I follow my daughter’s advice, “Hold up the cake into the sky and Grandpa will eat it.” There is really no correct answer to my question. I miss my father terribly and just want someway for him to know that we are thinking of him during his birthday.

So here’s my wish. I can’t celebrate my father’s birthday with him, but I would like all of you to honor all of the loved ones in your life. Hug them. Tell them I love you. Make that phone call to an old friend. Eat cake and really savor the taste.

And for all you daughters with Daddy’s in your life, hug your Dad for me. Let him know that you love him. Celebrate that he is in your life.

Happy Birthday Dad! Much love to you. From a daughter who wishes she could celebrate your birthday, old-fashioned style.


Image by comedy_nose