It was late afternoon. I picked up my daughter from school and we talked about her day in the car.  It was an ordinary conversation about what she is learning in math and science, as well as sprinkles about her adventures on the playground with her friends.

As we enter our home, she sheds her uniform and puts on a pair of pants and floral t-shirt. She is singing, “La-la-la, Sing a Happy Song, Smurf your whole day long.” It is a catchy tune and I start humming along while I attempt to fix something to eat. On this particular afternoon, after she devours her snack, she announces, “I have something to tell you Momma.” Her eyes are glittering even though her pupils are pitch black. I love witnessing this exuberance. Usually, when she has something to tell me, it is these three words, “I love you.” But this afternoon, she surprised me.

“Momma, I want to marry you.” She grins wide as she makes this statement.

“You want to marry me? Why do you want to do that ?” I reply, knowing that she doesn’t really understand the word “marry.”

“I just love you so much Momma that I want to marry you.”

“Oh, my, that is so sweet.” I give in to my laugh, while my insides feel a pinch of sadness.

My daughter has no idea what the word marry really truly means. She equates the word with love. It is a reminder for me to enjoy these afternoon days of singing and witnessing her innocent exuberance.

Because eventually she will understand the gravity of what marry means.