This past Saturday I noticed. Your laugh began somewhere deep as you twirled around with your Daddy.  What will you remember about your first Daughter & Daddy dance? Sparkles of goodness, I am certain. We shopped for a special dress with glitter and picked out matching silver shoes. The entire time, you told me, “I can’t wait for the Daughter-Daddy dance.” Because no outfit is complete without pink, you donned a pink headband and matching cardigan.

Hand in hand, you both walked in the entrance into the gymnasium ballroom. Red and white balloons welcomed your arrival. The dance music, bounce house, crafts, and a special dinner awaited you. I dropped you off, wondering what I wouldn’t witness. You later told me how you made a magic wand with sparkly stickers. And how you ate salad and pasta. And that you rode with Daddy on your first horse carriage ride.

When I came to pick you up, you said, “No, Momma, Daddy and daughter dance is not over. Please leave.” Initally it hurt my feelings, but when I witnessed you and your Daddy dancing, I understood.

This is what she wants to bottle up. That unconditional laughter and happiness. I am certain this moment will endure in her, even when she is all grown up. I am certain this moment she will remember.