The gym is a place where there is ample opportunity to people watch. Everyone is flittering about, challenging themselves in the name of fitness. A woman is singing while walking on an incline on the treadmill, a man is dribbling a basketball on the court and little kids take advantage of the summer time by swimming. I’m at the gym because I love taking classes that are offered. This particular morning I am waking up to barbell strength, a free weight strength class.

It’s early and people are entering and you start to see the morning coffee take effect. I set up my bench and grab my barbell and its accompanying weights. A quiet chatter takes over the room, people talking about their daily plans or what happened the evening before. There are about 40 women in the class and all are different sizes and shapes. Some women are wearing makeup, eyeshadow and even a tinge of lipstick. Others look as if they put on an old college shirt and shorts with no time to spare. A few women are in their Lulu gear, with hair, body, and face pageant ready. But despite all the variety in the crowd, everyone is there for a common goal, to move, to exercise, to lose weight, or to tone. The point is, its early, and people chose to do this, rather than sleep in, eat breakfast, or surf the internet.

I place my bench behind two women, one is subdued, her hair scrunched together like intertwined spaghetti. The other lady is plastic surgery skinny, with brunette hair, and on her pants, the word “Beautiful” appears. It appears that they are friends and the brunette is talking so that those in her vicinity can hear what she is saying. As she looks around, she says to her friend, “Look at all the chubbies in the room. Ch-u-bb-ies.” I observe her giggle, while her friend half-smiles, but her eyes don’t really match the sentiment on her face. Her friend isn’t skinny, but leans toward the heavier side.

Her comment lingered in my mind throughout the class. I wondered about her friend and how much she took the comment to heart. It also raises the notion of words and how careful we must be with them. How some people can release their words without giving any thought to the emotions of those that surround them.  Should we be accountable for our words? Can we dismiss them so quickly when they come from a stranger or acquaintance or a sometimes friend?  And with the advent of technology, twitter, facebook, and other social media are we more careless with what we say?

As I exited the gym, Don Miguel Ruiz’s quote, “Always Be Impeccable With Your Words” flashed in my head. I believe there is much truth that exists in those six words.


Have you ever encountered this kind of person? What was your impression? Do you think we are too careless with our words?