As we embark on 2011, we start on a fresh set of hours. 8765 of them. When I think about this number, I take a look back to see how I spent many of those hours last year. I spent some of that time either running, reading, writing and moving about the rooms of my life doing ordinary things.

I also spent a great deal of those hours worrying about scenarios that never came true, investing time in friendships that ultimately caused disappointment, and replaying moments in the past, analyzing what I could or should have done different. The point is I dedicated so many hours on matters that were wholly inconsequential.

The passage of time is an obsession for me. And it is disconcerting to me to realize so much of my time was squandered.

I’ve never been a resolutions girl, but I do believe in new beginnings. This year I am taking a vow to honor my hours. How about you?

Image by Aaron Geller