The pandemonium only exists in between the pages. There is an intense, thunderous battle on the page, the husband strikes his wife, with what sounds like a uninterrupted clap. In the corner, a child is whimpering with a low hum, unable to move her limbs to stop them.

I lift my head up, the clank of books grabs my attention. I look up, flip the page, the musty smell of dust grazes my nose and I sneeze with a quiet focus. The rhythm of people moving about the bookshelves, whispers of little kids tugging on their moms clothes and the beep of the scanner vibrate through the library.

My eyes gravitate toward muffled giggles at the corner table. High schoolers are studying in-between shuffling of papers and chatter of their boisterous day. The information desk is buzzing with questions, an older gentleman’s cane taps against the floor, his question loud so all can hear.

Its a place where you can consume yourself with a vast array of emotions, resounding sadness and raucous laughter, sparkled with nuances of disappointment, anger, contentment, and most importantly, escape.

I return to page thirty five of my book. The women is sobbing, her hands weaves a mask around her eyes, while her husband tries to console her. His loud voice bellows and he repeats that he won’t do it again. The young daughter is inching toward their battle, the lightness of her feet make the sound of pitter-patter.

I don’t finish this book, but lay it down. I sip a drink of my coffee, and pick up another book, hoping to throw myself in a world of another’s pandemonium.


Do you like immersing yourself in a book to escape reality? What are your favorite book recommendations and why? What is your favorite part of the library? How do your children react to the library?

Image by Horia Varlan