I don’t think birthdays are overrated.

I like birthdays because of all of the obvious things about them: birthday cake, candles, cards and random wishes of Happy Birthday that come by phone, texts, e-mails, and of course, on Facebook. For the most part, everything about today, my birthday, will live in the ordinary. I will run in the morning, shower and get dressed. I will pour my daughter’s cereal in a bowl, make her lunch and kiss my husband goodbye before he goes to work. My routine doesn’t stop because its my birthday.

But throughout the day, there will be brief flickers, reminders that this day is special. Cake and ice cream, birthday presents, and lunches/dinners reminding you that you have the privilege of living another year. And that you matter. People love you enough to celebrate with you.

And that is what it is all about. To love and to be loved. Especially on your birthday.


Do you enjoy celebrating birthdays? How do you celebrate them? Do you think birthdays are overrated? If so, why?