Saying Thank You is not overrated, but I don’t think we say these words enough.

There are people we should thank, but don’t. I am not certain why. We think we will have time to do it later. Or maybe it isn’t the right moment. Or we don’t know the right words to say. Or we need a plan. Or we are waiting for an occasion or an event.

Thank You should be part of the ordinary day. It shouldn’t wait, because time is finite.  The chance you may be waiting for may not happened; time evaporates.

I reflected this weekend. I thought about how some people have shaped my life. And they may not even know it.  But today, I am going to Thank people who have guided me, elevated me, supported me, believed me and picked me up when I didn’t have the will to do it myself.

So here goes. Here is my list.

Thank You Husband: Thank you for showing me how to live. I don’t always get it, but you keep trying. You have NEVER given up on me, even though there have been times where I have doubted myself. My number one fan, you are unwavering in your support, love and friendship. Thanks for butterflies, movie nights, ice cream, and making me chuckle like no one else can.

Thank You Mom: You have shown me grace. No matter what people may say or do, you have always encouraged me to take the higher road. The road that is hard to take, but that reflects dignity. In quiet moments, I watch your smile. It isn’t the same smile when Dad was around, but it is still there. Yours is the courage of trying to live, even though an enormous part of you is lost.

Thank You Sister: Whenever I need to confess something, I know you are my vault. You are the best secret keeper ever. When I feel down, you listen to me. You really listen to me. You offer the advice I need to hear, but others may be afraid to tell me. I admire your compassion. I’ve seen it with Dad, in his final days, showing him You tube videos trying to make him laugh, even though all of us wanted to put our heads in our hands and cry until the tears couldn’t come anymore.

Thank You Daughter:I learn to appreciate the simplest things. Rainbows, flowers, cracks in the pavement are all equally awesome to you. You teach me that we should run in life, toward it, without reserve, without expectation. And the biggest thing you have taught me, the power to love unconditionally and to forgive without thinking twice. Yours is a life that is enchanted, the kaleidoscope reflecting and absorbing all.

Thank You Friends: You know who you are.  Some of you have helped me in times of crisis. You’ve talked to me and showed me another road. You have laughed with me, consoled me, and taught me that life can be half-full. Some of you have told me to keep writing, even though I’ve wanted to give up.

Thank You Dad: My regret is that I never told you this while you were alive. I was under the impression you would live forever. Maybe you are reading this. Who knows? You taught me the value of hard work and independence. If you believed in something, pursue it systematically, without reserve. What surprised me the most, in those final years, is your unabashed approach to all of your  cancer treatments. I remember you couldn’t taste anything or feel anything in the tips of your fingers, but even with the 50th chemo treatment, you did it without complaining. Every single treatment, because we asked, you went through it. You taught all of us to fight. To fight even when your losing and you know it. It is better than not trying at all.

Why don’t you make your list?  And then call that person and let them know. Say your Thank You’s. Don’t wait.


Who has shaped your life? Have you thanked them? Do you think we place enough emphasis on giving thanks? or do you think Thank You’s are dictated by traditions or an event?