I admit I was skeptical about taking a trip to Disneyland. I’ve heard about its magic, but wasn’t convinced that I would appreciate it as an adult. I’ve always thought about Disneyland exclusively as a kid’s place, where adults are relegated to the sidelines. I wasn’t looking forward to the long lines, waiting thirty to forty minutes for each attraction, and the temper tantrums in between. But I knew those elements are always a part of an amusement park package.

What surprised me was the genuine feeling of happiness that comes over you as soon as you enter the park. There are smiles everywhere. Kids are laughing, but adults are also smiling. Adults are licking ice cream cones, taking pictures with Mickey and Minnie, and raising their hands high on the roller coasters. They are transported to the nostalgia of their own childhood and everyone has forgotten the troubles that may be lurking at home or work.

Reality is suspended. Disneyland is perfect. The flowers aren’t wilted, Main Street is clean even though close to 100,000 visit the park everyday, and the lawns are perfectly manicured. It isn’t real life, but I think this is the point. There is a certain magic about watching fireworks in the sky over the castle, princesses walking the street, and Disney characters giving high-fives on every corner.

I am believer now. Adults can wish upon a star, so that their dreams can come true too. At least in Disneyland.


What was your experience at Disneyland?  Do you feel transported to another world? What you do you like best about Disneyland?