I never thought I would be attracted to a fifty year old man.  I shared this secret with my husband.  My husband didn’t judge. Even when I said, “That fifty year old man is hot,” my husband half-smiled and gave me a nod. I think he may have a man crush on this fifty year old too.

         This man is not only cool, but he is a bad ass. He’s the type of man who can wear sunglasses when it’s cloudy and can get away with it. He can mesmerize people with his voice and convince world leaders to forgive a third-world country’s debt. He’s had staying power for the last thirty years.  I am talking about U2’s man, the man, Bono.

         In October, I attended the U2 concert with another man, my husband. As my husband was singing “With or Without You”, I looked around the arena and realized it was at full capacity. People of all ages were singing and dancing, enjoying the company of Bono, fully in awe. Even after thirty years in the music business, Bono is still relevant.  Fan or not, Bono makes a career of reinventing himself.

        I think about what I will be doing at age fifty. I don’t have any delusions, I know I am no Bono.   But it doesn’t mean I can’t reinvent myself in my own world. I think we all can if we want to.  I know we all keep secret lists about all the things we want to do, but convince ourselves that we can’t.  Everyone should pull out those lists and take a hard look. Where are you ? Where do you want to be? It can be about anything, from something as simple as making a new dish or contemplating a career change. Those secret dreams that keep you wanting another life can be yours. You have to make up your own mind and determine how relevant you want to be. That, in my opinion, is what is hot.