I love listening to podcasts, especially on a run, while driving, or cleaning the house. Over the last few years, I’ve learned about science, history, time management, justice, love, loss, authenticity, crime and other topics during a short or long podcast. So much has changed. I am stunned that all of this knowledge is available with one click. During the summer, as a young girl, I’d learn about new topics from the encyclopedia collection my father bought for me or during my trips to the library. Of course, I still enjoy a good book, but podcasts make it easier to multitask, especially during mundane tasks.

Here are the podcasts I enjoy (in no particular order):

Hurry Slowly by Jocelyn Glei – This podcast is dedicated toward time management and how to balance creativity with work and life. It is a conversation about intention and purpose. I love listening to Glei’s mini-wisdom podcasts, as well as when she interviews guests.

In the Dark by APM Reports – My legal side enjoys true crime podcasts. In the Dark is investigative journalism with a narrative arc. The current season focuses on Curtis Flowers, a man who has been tried for the same crime six times. He is currently on death row.

Best of Both Worlds with Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart – Unger – I recently finished the book, Off the Clock, by Laura Vanderkam and absolutely loved the principles presented in her work. This podcast focuses on worshipping the time you have and carving out a way to utilize the seconds, minutes, hours and days in your life.

Creative Nonfiction with Brendan O’Meara – Writing podcasts top my list. Brendan O’Meara interviews a variety of writers, journalists, and creatives on their process and discusses insights regarding the craft of writing.

Am Writing with Jess & KJ –  Jess and KJ offer down-to-earth and practical advice on how to stay consistent with a writing practice, as well as trying to manage obstacles that may get in the way. I like this podcast because they often share their triumphs, as well as their disappointments.

Criminal – This podcast features stories about the legal system, the people involved, and how justice is multifaceted.

This is Love  – Listen to interesting vignettes about a subject that is both fulfilling and mysterious – love.

Ear Hustle – Go inside San Quentin State Prison and learn how life works among inmates. You may hesitate listening to this podcast, but give it a chance. It is complex and interesting in its perspective.

Change Agent – Want to learn how to break a habit? Everyone has a problematic habit and this podcast uses unexpected stories to provide a solution.

What podcasts do you enjoy? I’d love to hear what is on your listening list.