Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for January:

1. This piece of art: One of my best friends in Arizona is an artist and she often makes pottery, prints and other forms of art. I love looking through her trove of new pottery and often what she views as “not good enough” is beautiful to me. I adore this piece of pottery she created – it’s a reminder of art, friendship and the creative process.

2. Thai Rolled Ice Cream: The trend of Thai Rolled ice cream is developing into a popular dessert option. I am lucky we’ve encountered a few places in town that make this interesting dessert. It’s not only fun to watch while they craft the rolls, but even more delicious to eat.

3. Celebrating our daughter’s birthday: Our daughter loves to create with her hands. There’s a place down the street that offers creative options for painting pottery. It has become a tradition to paint when her grandma is town and also during various times through the year. On her birthday, she decided to spend time painting and relaxing. Every time she uses the brush to cover the pottery in color, her tween self is filled with wonder.

4. The Sunsets: January brought exquisite sunrises and sunsets. I took many pictures of the sky this month, but this snapshot is my absolute favorite.

What were your everyday delights this month?