Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for December:

1. This mug: I am excited to drink coffee from this mug. Writing on the page is cathartic and gratifying. It ultimately offers a contentment I cannot find anywhere else. So yes, writing is my personal superpower.

2. Indian food on Christmas: Everything is typically closed during Christmas except for Indian restaurants. I love visiting our local fave in town and it’s a fun way to blend the traditions from both cultures. Dosa is a South Indian dish my family adores.

3. Wonder: I enjoy witnessing the wonder on my daughter’s face as she reads Santa’s letter. There is something hopeful about watching her and understanding how much she believes in the magic of the season.

4. Holiday Cards: I love receiving holiday cards from friends and family. It offers a way to connect, to pause and to think about people who make up your past and present. Happy Holidays to all!

What were your everyday delights this month?