Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for November:

1. Personalized stationery: I am fond of stationery and if it’s personalized, there is no way I can resist making the purchase. Paper Source is my go-to for notebooks and writing pads. This is my latest purchase:


2. This sky: It’s no secret I love taking pictures of the sky and it’s always a surprise at what the desert might offer. This November sunset reminded me of the power of the universal.


3. Adele: I am an avid concert-goer. Attending Adele’s concert was worth every second of the hype. She is charming, friendly and her the clarity in her singing voice is unbelievable. Although she admits most of her tunes focus on melancholy, she has a wicked sense of humor and isn’t afraid to make fun of herself. I attended the last concert of her tour, Number.107 and feel incredibly fortunate I had a chance to spend an evening with Adele. She is every bit of the real deal.


4. Pecan Pie: I love that my ten-year-old takes the initiative to bake. She says baking is relaxing and adores every minute of the prep, measuring and always participates in clean-up. This past Thanksgiving her pecan pie took me back to my childhood. My father often brought pecan pie home after work and my daughter’s pie allowed me to reminisce over this fond memory of my childhood.


What were some of your everyday delights this month?