Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for October:

1. Fall in Georgia: We took a quick trip to Georgia for a wedding earlier this month. I loved the way the leaves changed color, creating a fall rainbow. This kind of sighting is difficult to find in the desert – but I am grateful I witnessed this changing of hues in the South.


2. Diwali Rangoli: My daughter and a friend created this rangoli for Diwali. They found the sketch, drew it on pasteboard and took careful care to lay down the sand. I grew up watching my mom do rangoli in my childhood home and I am glad this thread is continuing with my daughter.



3. Polaroids: Do you remember the Polaroid camera? I recall taking a picture and patiently waiting for it to dry. We had the chance to revisit the nostalgia earlier this month and it took me down memory lane. It was interesting introducing this camera concept to my daughter.


4. Halloween: I wasn’t a Halloween fan growing up, but now I adore the holiday. The whole family dresses up, we decorate the house and get together with friends. It represents the silly part of all of us – and that is why I love it.


What were your everyday delights this month?