Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for June.

1.Contigo water bottle: The temperatures are so hot in the desert that your skin starts to sizzle in the heat. June brought temps of 120 degrees and triple-digits for several days. My save during these summer days is my Contigo water bottle. The water stays cold despite the scorching heat. I add lemon and mint to my water and reach for a refreshing sip of cold goodness. It’s always the little things when temperatures are this hot.


2. AlureVé eye patches: A friend introduced me to these AlureVé eye patches, as well as their skin line. I’ve only used the products for a few weeks, but have already noticed a difference. The eye patches drastically reduce under eye circles and the lotions help tighten skin for a more youthful look.


3. Desert sky: The sunsets are extraordinary this time of year. I was fortunate to capture this photograph last week. There is a mystical quality I cannot name in this picture. It’s comforting to know that I can always remember the universal by gazing at the sky.


4. Cheering on this basketball team: It’s true that Lebron and the Cavaliers won the NBA title, but in our household we were rooting for my husband’s basketball team in a local tournament. I love supporting my family in their everyday pursuits. Here is a snapshot of the team and a picture after one of their wins.


What were your everyday delights this month?