Friday Favorites

I am a voracious reader and every week I come across either a book, online piece or website I want to share with others. I’ve decided to curate these gems and highlight them on Friday. I hope you find these faves as insightful as I do.

  • Meet Ida Keeling in At 100, Still Running for Her Life. Her motto is “Get up and do things, even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing this, that or the other. Do the thing that you don’t like to do first, and get rid of it.” This one minute video is adorable and inspiring. 
  • I’ve wrestled with “busy” in different stages of my life. In midlife, though, it’s become easier to say no to what doesn’t fulfill me. I had the pleasure of listening to Joshua Becker speak this past week and his post, A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy is a piece with practical tips of learning to identify what means the most to you.
  • Are you on Instagram? Add Sim.plethings to your feed. I love how Denisa photographs simple moments. Thanks to my friend, Monisha for pointing this site out to me. 
  • How do you make your life harder? Likehack explores 21 Ways We Complicate Life.

What were some of your favorites this week?