Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for April:

1. A Year With Rilke

In honor of National Poetry Month, I thought I’d highlight A Year with Rilke: Daily Readings from the Best of Rainer Maria Rilke, a collection that always sits on my nightstand. It’s stunning. For each day, there is a new passage that offers a chance to reflect and ponder love, life, joy and sorrow. As a teen, I copied passages of Rilke in a notebook; when I read him now, my midlife self is transported to my youth. (h/t Katrina Kenison)


2. Soundlink Mini by Bose 

I love music and enjoy listening to some great tunes whenever I get a chance. I invested in a Soundlink Mini by Bose. The sound is incredible. Listening to music is a permanent everyday delight. It is the easiest way to sink into gratitude and joy.


3. BioRepublic Face Masks

I discovered these BioRepublic face masks in my Birchbox. In my forties, I’ve realized taking care of my skin is important (I know I am late to this epiphany) and I confess, I’ve been a soap and water gal for most of of my life. An occasional home treatment/facial is an economical and quick way to help my face feel refreshed and new. Each mask costs $5.00. Order on Amazon or directly from the BioRepublic website.


4. Visits from family

My sister was in town last week and it was great to see her, especially because the trip was unexpected. She was traveling for business and we were able to catch dinner in the middle of the week. Highlight of my month! The smiles say it all.


What were some of your everyday delights this month?