Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for January:

1.This handwritten letter and homemade card I received in the mail 
It’s no secret that I enjoy checking the mail and love receiving unexpected cards and notes the traditional way. A good friend sent me a handwritten letter inside this homemade card. I loved every moment of the experience – from seeing my name on the envelope, opening the card and reading her letter. When is the last time you sent or received a letter?


2. This lovely tea cup from my friend, Ayala
My dear friend, Ayala, sent me this antique tea and saucer set over Christmas. I absolutely adore it. I met Ayala online several years ago and we bonded immediately. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and love that our friendship started because of our respective words. I urge you to visit Ayala’s site A Sun Kissed Life. Her poetry evokes imagery you cannot forget.


3. A new way to remain accountable
I am obsessed with time and although most people keep up with their time digitally, I am an old-fashioned girl who loves a paper calendar. I recently discovered the Passion Planner through a recommendation via Jordan Rosenfield and love how this calendar offers a way to account for your vision for the month, as well as offer an area to doodle in a “space of infinite possibility.” Each calendar page also has a motivational quote.


4. Festive Roots Cultural Box 
Festive Roots is a company that aims to offer kids an interactive way to learn about various cultures in the world. I was thrilled to receive my first box from them this past month which features The Chinese New Year. In this box, kids have the opportunity to make a Chinese Dragon craft, lanterns and drums. There is also a booklet you can use to help educate your children about the culture. For those interested in ordering this trunk, Festive Roots has generously offered my followers a coupon code of $5.00. Enter the code “FestiveBR.”


What delighted you this month?