Friday Favorites

I am a voracious reader and every week I come across either a book, online piece or website I want to share with others. I’ve decided to curate these gems and highlight them on Friday. I hope you find these faves as insightful as I do.

  • Dakota Midnyght’s words are authentic and raw in this round of Roar Sessions from Jena Schwartz. I encourage you to read her piece. Empowerment. Letting go. Claiming your identity. These themes roar throughout her piece. 
  • Do you enjoy goal setting and evaluating your progress? This Lifehack’s piece on effective ways to wrap up the year will help you visualize what you’ve accomplished and how you want to proceed in 2016. 
  • Mothering Through the Darkness is an anthology of women sharing their stories and experiences regarding their days after birth and dealing with postpartum depression. I love books which make others feel less alone. The editors, Jessica Smock and Stephanie Sprenger are two ladies who have helped to bring these 35 stories to our attention. 
  • A good laugh is necessary. Always. Jimmy Kimmel runs a yearly series where he features parents telling their kids they ate all their Halloween candy while filming their kid’s reactions. This is one unforgettable video which will keep you laughing. 

What are some of your favorite reads of the week?