Spring is a complicated time in my life. I love the pulse of new beginnings, but in the backdrop, loss tends to weave in and out, forcing me to acknowledge its presence. To crawl out of this place, I tend to pay attention to the flickers of beauty that accompany spring.

I’ve always loved sunflowers. The stalks are tough and resistant, while the flowered face welcomes its admirers. I like the idea of a flower possessing grit, but beauty too. 


This is one of my favorites shots of the season. The interplay between light and dark accentuates all of my feelings right now. I love how the image is only of a tree and its branches, but after an initial glance, there is so much more that is whispering in the spaces in between and around curves and edges. 


The blue. Water. Sky. Majestic, but comforting, there is a soothing quality to these flowers. Focusing on the blue helps me pay attention to my quiet and remembering that, always, if I want to reach for it, stillness is humming in the background.


My final shot is a tribute to strength. That at the end of the day, there is heartache sometimes, but also a deep beating of hope. I like the bareness of the branches and the idea that we all are more alike than different. 

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. – Seneca