Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for February:

1. Coffee and this mug: I love listening to my coffee brew in the morning and the smell of those first drops of my breakfast blend dripping into the cup. That first sip is a comfort in my routine. I purchased this coffee mug from a local bookstore. It is a great way for my love of coffee and words to merge.

2. This sunset: When I am lucky enough to view a sunset and its glory, it always keeps me grounded and grateful. I recognize the beauty of a single moment and how it is important to pay attention to the wonder of the earth. Everyday. Look up at the sky. Watch the ground as you walk. There are treasures at our feet if we are willing to tilt our head, open our eyes and be still enough to hear the whispers of our surroundings.



3. This reminder: These reminders occupy a space in my office. Simple, but wise lessons that at times I am guilty of forgetting. Every time I look up, it helps to visualize the mindful practices I need to work on everyday.



4. This homemade card: My daughter designed and gave me this handmade card for Valentine’s Day. The care she exercised by crafting this chain of hearts brought me happiness, with small tears tugging at my eyes. With every year that passes, I know these handmade gifts are numbered.




What delighted you this month?