My daughter is turning nine in a few weeks. I am not ready.

I watch her teeter on the tightrope. Some days she seems like such an adult: emptying the dishwasher, asking questions about God and life, organizing and cleaning her room without prompts and engaging in conversations that shows flickers of adulthood.

There are moments, though, that she turns her head toward wonder again. We will bake cookies for Santa and place them on a decorated dish by the door. In the past few weeks, she’s asked a dozen times about Santa and how he will enter our home. Today she woke up with a sore throat, but believed that Santa’s magic will make her feel better again. As she said this, she snuggled into my arms and held me tight.

I stayed with this feeling. Believing in wonder, magic and goodness. That is what she teaches me. As another holiday unfolds, I know in years to come, wonder will become a backstory for her. But for now, it threads through my days and for that I am grateful.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. May you experience wonder.