Every month I chronicle experiences and things that I love and make a difference in my everyday life. The ordinary sustains us. Here are a few of my everyday delights in March:

1. This Pillow. I love the message on this pillow that sits on my bookshelf. When I exit my office, it is always catches my eye. I am reminded immediately of the quote, by Plato, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” More and more I learn how much truth is in these words. When  I discovered this pillow at Paper Source, one of my favorite stores for stationery, cards, and pens, I knew it had to be part of my everyday life.



2. This 5-Year Journal. I love journals and writing my thoughts down on paper. I am faithful to my 5-year journal. I’ve had this particular writing companion since 2010. It allows you to write a line or maybe two and then you can compare what happened on the same day during the previous year. Some days I discover I am moving forward, while other times I realize I am still stuck in the same place.

5-Year Journal


3. This Pendant. My sister knows how much I love time and for my birthday last year, she surprised me with a  pendant that I adore. It is the Mayan calendar. The passage of time is a place where I struggle, find joy, and where I gain the most insight.



4.  This Book. I am currently immersed in the book, This Is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper. It is funny, complicated, and the writing is poignant and lyrical.