There is an endless tunnel of wonder.  It requires looking up, down, and taking some time to be deliberate in your intention to appreciate what is around you. There is busy, but there is also beauty. Last week, I picked up my camera and these are some of the images that appeared on my personal lens.


I love how the water ripples through the rocks. The bending of light creates mini-reflections of some of the rocks and this picture on repeated glances could almost double as a painting. The mystery is in the curves, textures, and jagged edges.


Trees are fascinating and are one of my personal obsessions. Roots are universal. We all carry our beginnings in subtle ways and I believe they impact our subsequent decisions. I like how the tree is reflected in the water, but it’s image is imperfect. Pink petals surround the branches in the water, while the tree itself is bare. The splash of color offers a brief flicker of whatever you may need — hope, love, faith, or comfort. 


I caught this shot at the right moment. The bird flapped its wings, looking at its path. As I took the picture, I felt overwhelmed at my luck witnessing this creature’s commencement of its day. There is a magical quality about this abundance in the middle of the desert. The beauty is hard to miss. 



My final shot is one that is understated, but revealing. We all possess our point of reference to guide us through life. How our perceptions are framed and what we actually believe to be our truth will vary from person to person. But the chance is there, for all of us, to navigate what is in the center, as well as the terrain that appears outside of it. 

All these flickers of wonder. So much beauty.