I started chronicling everyday experiences and things that I enjoyed last month. It is a worthwhile exercise to determine what fuels your day-to-day and what ordinary occurrences offer the most happiness. Here are a few of my everyday delights for February.

 1. This photograph. I took a photography class last year and captured this snapshot. It is the screen saver on my computer. So every morning I am reminded of beauty, peace, and quiet.



2. Downton Abbey. I am not a television watcher, but I do carve out time to watch Downton Abbey every Sunday night. I love how the characters are developed and have an affinity for Maggie Smith’s character, The Countess of Grantham. The bonus: my husband watches it with me.


3. David Whyte Poetry. In the last few years, I’ve discovered the power of poetry. David Whyte’s words often resonate with me. Here is a poem I adore:


Enough. These few words are enough.
If not these words, this breath.
If not this breath, this sitting here.
This opening to the life
we have refused
again and again
until now.
Until now

4. My coffee mug. Most mornings I hear the coffee pour into my favorite coffee mug. I love the typewriter logo on the side. A daily reminder that it is a privilege and honor to write. Indeed, an everyday delight.