Witnessing one particular look between a father and his daughter brought tears to my eyes. The bride danced with her father and laid her head on his shoulder.The entire room felt the flicker of love this Daddy’s girl felt for her father. This past weekend my visit to Texas centered around wedding festivities for my cousin, as well as my husband’s cousin. Over and over again, I saw smiles emanating from so many, celebrating the love between these two couples.

The father of the bride mentioned one particular statement in his speech that resonated with me. He said, “Love is in the small things.” More and more, these words make so much sense. The piles of small moments all add up. Here are some of my recent flickers that define how I feel love in my life.

Love is that impromptu hug from my almost 8-year-old daughter. I never get tired of hearing her say, “I love you, Momma.”

Love is that quiet time with a good book. Or writing. Or in solitude. It is my version of self-love.

Love is that look after years of marriage, that says, we got this, despite the dip in the road.

Love is that daily phone call from my mom.

Love is the laughter during my girls’ nights with some of my favorite gal pals.

Love is hanging out with my sister, whether we are having a cup of coffee together, making fun of one another, or shopping for shoes.

Love is witnessing my daughter pray to God.

Love is running with my buddy, K. and talking about our struggles and joys.

Love is having that conversation with the friend that gets you so she fills in the blanks.

Love is in the mundane. The breathing, the getting up, the sleeping in your own bed, and the ability to see, hear, walk, taste, and feel. We often take our senses for granted. But these are reasons why that we have the privilege to love.

Love is a billion little things.