We spent this weekend free of scheduled activities. The pace felt natural and comfortable. These uncharted days offer  a comfort I am unable to completely explain. I notice details that fill me with peace and fulfillment.

On Friday afternoon I witnessed my daughter playing in the park. She laughed as she swayed back and forth on the swing and held her hands up high while coming down the metallic curved slide. Freedom splashed on her face, in between playing with her friends, I watched how she ran, each moment dotted with a smile. With time, she may forget the exuberance she felt, but I will never forget the sparkle in that wholly ordinary afternoon. I sighed loud as I looked at the clear blue sky.

As we drove home, I rolled the windows down. My daughter and I always sing whenever we are in the car. Our song of the moment is the Lumineers, Ho Hey, and we both enjoy singing the line, “Love we need it now.” I love how listening and singing can transport your soul. And I am so happy that my daughter understands why music immediately makes the mundane so glorious.

More of these unscripted  fulfilling moments occurred over the weekend. My daughter had a playdate this past Saturday. Her friend asked my daughter if she had any best friends. My daughter without any hesitation replied, “My best friends are my family, especially my Mom and Dad.” She said it without reservation and it took me by surprise. A wave of  peace washed over me. I stumble my way through motherhood, wondering if every small and big decision will lead my daughter onto a lasting pathway of happiness. Her affirmation confirmed that what we offer her is enough. And how can that realization not bring me to the brink of tears?

As the weekend ended, I paid careful attention to the quiet in our home. At one point in the afternoon, my husband, daughter and I took a long nap together. Just a few minutes before our slumber, we spent time reading our books, bundled underneath our favorite blanket. It was the perfect way to punctuate our unencumbered weekend.

The universe kept whispering this message, over and over again: There is peace in the ordinary.