On a road trip last month I reached for my camera to capture the essence of what I was witnessing. The blues, browns, and greys were clear and identifiable.  A small white wisp of a cloud lingered in-between the various shades of blue. My eyes kept gazing at the road as if it was trying to hypnotize me.

I kept looking ahead studying the road wondering what would come next. It’s a concept that I repeat like a broken record over and over again. My inability to embrace, enjoy and live in the present. I am already thinking about the next moment, week, and year ahead. It forced me to consider what, in that very moment, I could see. I felt the comfort of my husband and daughter in the car. My daughter was humming a silly little tune, snuggling against her doll, and munching on some trail mix. A little giggle would come out intermittently and then she would say, “I love you, Momma.”  I’d smile back and say, “I love you too.” This is what I saw and more importantly felt, in that very second. Why would I  sacrifice that feeling to think about the future?

I am guilty of not letting the present bloom. As a planner, I am hardwired to script out the moments in my life rather than attune myself to the moment that exists. Since that drive, I am more patient with myself. The minute I run to another next, I remind myself of what I can see and feel in the present. What I can see right now? I am in my office, writing, a peek of sunlight hits my glasses as I sip my coffee. Around me there are many of my favorite books and the smell of last night’s Indian dinner seeping in the air. My daughter’s drawing  lies on my desk which features a rainbow-colored butterfly and the words, “Love you.”

What can I see and feel right now? Love, warmth, and the wonder of what is in this moment. I encourage you to do the same.